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Amanda Markel is an internationally collected bronze sculptor and visual storyteller. Within each sculpture, Markel employs the use of positive and negative space to illustrate a connection between the positive and negative elements of life. “I think most often my work depicts the tension between two pieces of a whole. Persistence through difficulty creates a piece about resilience. Finding a place to feel the intensity of both joy and pain creates a piece about harmony. I want to help people understand that without a negative there isn’t a positive. We need both, and they are inseparable.” She continues, “Even after one of my sculptures is cast, it isn’t complete until it is interpreted by someone other than myself. Two pieces of a whole.”


Markel’s work builds on storytelling traditions. There is deep meaning instilled within elegant forms, which invite the viewer to connect with ideas, emotions, and their own stories. Markel explains,  “Art impacts the way we experience the world.” Furthermore, “I feel it is my responsibility as an artist to convey tangible narratives evoking hope, courage, resilience, and connection.” Through private collections and public installations, she aims to enrich our cultural heritage and inspire us to see the strength and beauty in our own stories.


Markel is primarily a self-taught artist. Born and raised on 80 acres in Colorado, she spent a great deal of time riding motorcycles and horses, sketching, and creating animal sculptures out of the mud in the backyard. “I have always been an avid creator, pushing the limits of my experience and capability.” She recounts. “It has taught me a lot about myself and let me confidently explore the world. There is nothing more fulfilling than the challenge of bringing a crazy idea to life and getting to share that process with people.”


Markel moved to Bozeman, Montana where she began her career as an artist and entrepreneur. Her first works were bronze cast in 2019 and she became a full-time artist in 2022. Markel is currently working on her inaugural monument sculpture, a 1.25-life-size wolf, which is set to be cast in the spring of 2023.




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